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If you are in the U.S., don’t forget to sign-up for important notifications via text. To opt-in, simply text “climb” to +1 (801) 845-3586. We will release numbers for others countries shortly. Make sure to also download “WSI Team Link” from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

We will send out notifications via this app. This app is free and works globally. In addition to receiving our notifications, you can also set up chats with your team.

Slider in Back Office

We have added a new picture slider on the home page of your back office. We will post all new announcements here. Check the slider every few days to stay updated!

Recognition Program

We currently have a new recognition program in the works! You and your team will be receiving calls from our recognition rep, Mckayla, shortly.

German Customer Support Line

Our German customer support line is now open. We are finalizing things to get a free number that you can call in on. This should be set up in the next day or so!

Europe Tour

Don’t forget! Our Europe Tour is coming up quickly. We will be in Amsterdam (June 12-13), Frankfurt (June 14-15), Austria (June 16) and Norway (June 17-18).

Arego Launch Conference Info

Make sure to purchase your tickets for the conference before prices go up! Prices will increase incrementally each month before the event.

For those of you that have already purchased your tickets, we will be sending out an e-mail with hotel registration info in the next few days. This will include a hotel registration code that will give you a discounted rate as well as other info for the event.

We are also excited to announce the speakers for the event!

  • Steven Spangenberg: Steven is a business tax and marketing expert. Steven is passionate about helping others achieve their business goals. The question is not will you save and make money by using Steve: It’s when you will start!
  • Dennis Parker: “Dennis is perhaps the most highly respected clinician and seminar speaker in the nation. His work in the development of the curriculum for developing character is one of the areas needed most in our American schools today.”- Legendary Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden
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