How do you get started the right way?

Step 1/Week 1: Plan Your Launch Party

First things first, you need to let people know you’ve started a business! Invite 10-20 people. Keep it simple! You don’t need to have more than potato chips and Sprite.

Journal Your Results

Journal how you are feeling each and every day. Write about how you feel, how you’re sleeping, your mood, libido and any issues you’re struggling with. Write improvements you notice daily. When you start, expect progress , but not immediate perfection.

Your Tool Kit

(10:15) We are in the process of developing many more tools! We currently have a ton of tools available in your back office and in the resources library.

  • Back Office Tools: Skip to (10:30) to watch founder, Adam Baadsgaard, walk you through each of the tools. The most important tools can be found in your back office. On the home page of your back office, we’ll post updates that you can find in the “Pre-Launch News” section as well as the slider above this section.
  • Resource Library: You can also find everything you’ll ever need to succeed on our resources site ( We post every single call here, marketing materials, swag gear and so much more here! Check it out.

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