Step 1: Plan Your Launch Party

Your launch party doesn’t have to be elaborate! Invite at least 10-20 people. Keep it simple and have a great time! Tell them your story about how Adapt has helped you live, feel and dream young again.

Step 2: Journal Your Results

Keep a journal with your results!

Notice Now: Journal how you feel each day for 60 days. There are seven major systems in your body: skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive and urinary system. Each day, use the progress tracker to track how Adapt is helping improve each of your seven body systems’ functionality. You’ll be amazed at the effects Adapt has on your body.

60-Day Difference: On the 60th day, write a summary of the improvements and effects you noticed from Adapt. This is your very own 60-day difference!

Step 3: Use The Tool Kit

Use the many tools available to you!

Resources: Find every video, marketing materials, business cards, Arego gear and so much more here:

Blog: Head to to stay in the know! Find all calls here as well as recaps of each call. Staying in the know is one of main keys to success with Arego!

Replicated Sites: Use your replicated site to share Arego with your friends and prospects!

We have created four replicated sites for you to use:

  • Tailored to sharing Adapt with other distributors.
  • Tailored to sharing Adapt with influencers or prospects that want to start influencing.
  • Tailored to sharing Adapt with health professionals.
  • Share this site with any prospects, including customers!

To access your replicated sites, simply type your username before any of these URLs. For example, type (your username)

Step 4: Connect With Us

There are so many things happening! Make sure to always stay in the know. Get on the calls and read the blog! Join our Facebook group, “Arego Life Official” to connect with other Arego Lifers.

Step 5: Focus on The Right Things

Make sure you are following our simple, duplicatable dual one-a-day system. It’s simple and it works! Simply invite and follow-up with one person each day. That’s it!

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