Our First Anniversary

We just had our first year anniversary! On July 4 of last year, we had our first customer. We are so pleased with the growth we have experienced in the past year! Our goal was to create a company with the perfect foundation for lasting growth and we believe we have done just that. Thank you to everyone that has helped us grow and shared this remarkable journey with us!

Wheel to Move Between Sites

We are excited to announce that we have linked our five sites: resources.aregolife.com, adaptwitharego.com, influencewitharego.com, myaregolife.com and sharearego.com through a wheel that now appears in the bottom right corner of your screen when you visit each site. The wheel allows for simple, direct switching between sites and makes the sites more accessible and easy to use.

Getting Started Right Training

Join us every week for our new Getting Started Right Training with Annie Schwartz! The trainings will take place every Thursday at 11am EST and 8pm EST. In each training, Annie will cover how to get started with Arego the right way, how to use your back office, the calendar, how to use the tools available to you, current happenings at Arego and more!

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